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We specialize in delivering fresh ready mix concrete for small commercial and residential projects.
From sidewalk repairs to patios, no job is too small.

Mix Designs & Specialty Mixes

Our volumetric mixers produce standard ready mix concrete from flowable fill to 6,000 psi plus a variety of specialty mixes. All orders are custom mixed onsite. Our standard mix designs consist of #78 stone, natural concrete sand and cement. We can also add many admixtures and different aggregates to help achieve the mix you desire for a specific job.


Standard Ready Mix Concrete

Ideal for a variety of residential, commercial and municipal applications:

  • 2500 PSI: Fence posts, post holes for pole barns

  • 3000 PSI: Personal sidewalk, footings, patios, dog runs, trash slabs, shed slabs, pier pads, steps

  • 3500 PSI: City sidewalk, driveways, approaches, footings, foundations, retaining walls, garage floors,

       hot tub pads

  • 4000 PSI: RV slabs, shop floors, etc.​

Speed Up Your Projects With High Early Strength Concrete Mix Designs

  • Stronger

  • Faster Setting

  • Increase project schedule

  • Ready for traffic sooner than regular mixes


Rapid Set Concrete Available For:

  • Highway Pavement

  • Airport Pavement

  • Bridge Repairs

  • Utility Projects

Call us today to find out more about how Rapid Set can help with your project.

Let's get started on your next project!
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